Glo whitening

Gentle Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is often considered a cosmetic dental procedure for adults, but it is an important part of dental care in many children too.

Department store whitening strips are not the way to go when your child needs a brighter smile. They can be harsh to the enamel since many of the products on the market today have a high hydrogen peroxide ratio in the mix. This is not safe for children.

Pediatric dentists who specialize in teeth whitening, like those here at Bright Healthy Smiles, can whiten your child’s smile through healthy, safe procedures instead. Here we use a process called GLO Lit for our whitening services.

Guided Light Optics, or GLO, Technology is a patented, FDA-approved whitening program geared towards making whitening easy with minimal or no sensitivity.

GLO pairs with something known as a Bluetooth-enabled Smileware, trademarked technology that combine to use light and heat to whiten your child’s teeth. 

Your child’s dental specialist will apply the gentlest hydrogen peroxide gel possible to your child’s teeth. The gel is vegan and free of gluten and latex. It’s also never been tested on animals and is made in the USA.

Once the gel is applied, the dental specialist will then insert a mouthpiece, the GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device. The one-of-a-kind, safe blue LED lights in the GLO will then be turned on (via Bluetooth technology!) to apply an accelerant of light and soft warming heat to the peroxide gel.

The application and accelerant time takes about eight minutes for the entire process. Since it’s Bluetooth timed, it shuts off by itself.